Wipe Cycle Changes

Seeing as the server has had quite a population decrease this past month we are debating whether or not we should make the server have shorter wipes. This change will allow for more new players to join the server throughout the month and create more opportunities for players that left to return the following week.

We understand that some of you would not like this change, therefore we are making this poll to get some more opinions on what we should do next. We want the best for our players and we really need your input on these decisions.

If you would like to vote please join our Discord server and navigate to channel 🔔︱server-announcements:

We have also made a small survey to collect some other important data to help us improve your experience. If you have ~1 minute to spare, please fill out this Google Form: https://forms.gle/Eo9bqK3p1NuxKh187

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