Website Overhaul

A complete re-design of our website and graphics, and a look towards the future changes coming to

Server Redesign

With our last website being a year old, we realized it was finally time for an update to not only our website, but to the entirety of WayZ Survival branding. Gone are the days of the grim looking colors, and soulless wordmark. We wanted to turn the vibrance notch up a bit, and hope you like the new and vibrant look of WayZ Survival.

As you are exploring the various pages, you will probably notice that the website is still very much under construction, and due to time constraints we have to release the website in this “not so finished” state. Here are some of the features we will be adding in the coming months:

  • Internal Store Page
  • Steam Login Integration
  • Realtime Server & Player Statistics
  • And Other Cool Features!

We put a lot of time and effort into making this website, and really hope these changes will improve your browsing experience.

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