Server Rules

Chat Conduct

§ 1.1 Toxicity

Trash talking is a core part of Rust, and our chat moderators will tolerate it to a certain extent. At the discretion of our moderators, excessive/extreme toxicity in global chat may lead to a mute without warning. We encourage you to stay respectful of other people in the server and help contribute to a more positive community.

§ 1.2 Racism

Use of racial and ethnic slurs is not under any circumstance allowed in global/voice chat and will result in lengthy or permanent mutes.

§ 1.3 Language

Please keep all communication in global chat English so everyone is able to understand what you are writing.

§ 1.4 Spam & Advertisement

Spamming the chat with messages or advertisements will result in an immediate mute.

NOTE: Admins and moderators are not able to actively moderate the chat 24/7, therefore we rely on your reports to notify us of potential player misconduct. The most effective way to report a player is using the built-in F7 report menu.


§ 2.1 Group Limits

Alliances are not allowed. Roaming, Raiding, Defending and Sharing/Gifting Items is considered a form of alliance.

Friendly no-kill agreements are allowed while respecting the rules stated above. You cannot work together with players outside your team. Being friendly to random players and sparing them on singular occasions is allowed and endorsed.

§ 2.2 Teammate Switching

Teammate switching is allowed, though with strict limitations. To correctly switch out a teammate, the leaving member must remove their authentication on the tool cupboard, destroy or transfer any sleeping bags in or around the base, and deauthorize on the front door codelock. (All front doors if your base has multiple) Failing to do so will first result in a warning from the admins, following a wipe ban of the entire team.

A player may only switch once per wipe, and may not join back after leaving.

§ 2.3 Offensive Imagery

Having offensive imagery displayed on signs or editable fireworks will first result in a warning. Any consecutive offenses will result in lengthy penalties. 

§ 2.4 Cheating / EAC Evading

It goes without saying that cheating is not allowed on our servers, and will result in a permanent non-appealable ban on our server. If you have been previously banned on Rust, you will be permanently banned on all our servers for Easy Anti Cheat evading.

§ 2.5 Cheater Association

If your team member is found to be cheating, you will receive a permanent ban along side them. Therefore be mindful of who you team up with, and make sure everyone is on equal playing grounds. 

Updated 3/2/2022