Important Rule Changes

To combat unfair alliances and teammate switching, we are implementing some important new rules.


Alliances are no longer allowed. Roaming, Raiding, Defending and Sharing/Gifting Items is considered a form of alliance. Friendly no-kill agreements are allowed while respecting the rules stated above. You cannot work together with members outside your team. Being friendly to random players and sparing them on singular occasions is endorsed.

Teammate Switching

Repeatedly switching teammates is not allowed. If a member of the team leaves, that person may not rejoin until the next wipe.

The leaving player must:

  • Destroy/transfer sleeping bags in and around the base
  • Deauthorize from the tool cupboard and front door codelocks
  • Not join back until next wipe

+ Other smaller rule alterations and more in-depth explanations are available on our rules page.

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